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Mud Racing

There it is. An innocent looking mudpit.

How deep is it? Ten inches? Two feet? A truck swallowing four feet? No one knows for sure.

But there it is, right in front of your truck, brought there by the Central Mudracing Association.

Common sense tells you that you shouldn't be doing this, at least get out and poke a stick in the murkey yellow water to see how deep it is.

However, something deep inside you says: "Forget That!! This is a mud race and I'm going to blast through this sucker!"

So, common sense aside, you slip it into low, and rev up the engine. You crawl ever so slowly forward until you get a green light. And then you drop the hammer and let it all hang out. As you hit the water, the front end dips down as you pin the gas pedal to the floor.

Giant waves of brown water blast up into the air, covering your windshield with muck, mire and goop. You turn the wipers on and are rewarded with a swatch of foggy vision.

Your truck bogs -- hesitates -- and almost comes to a stop, but you murderously burn the clutch, throwing a rooster tail 40 feet into the air.

The rear wheels hop and chatter and the drivetrain threatens to snap in half. You keep the revs up and somehow, someway, your truck crawls out the end of the primevil slime that is the essence of a mudpit.

You clamber to dry ground, happy you have not gotten stuck in all that goop, trembling slightly with the elation of having beaten the mud as you hear cheers coming from the smalltown audience watching nearby.

Common sense tells you to just be happy you made it out, but some fiendish internal gland says, "Let's do it again!"

You know better, but you bring your truck around again, point the snout at the mud, rev the engine up until the valves start floating and you give it another pass.

And if you do get stuck, will you have learned your lesson?

Not a chance!

The next mud race beckons with the same idiotic siren's song and the child in you demands you give it another shot. Some call it immaturity. Others call it plain old fun.

We call it Mud Racing and will not try to explain it. We'll just enjoy it!


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